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Caprice – Dole of the King’s Daughter

Caprice, dans l’album « Sister Simplicity » qui date de 2004, reprend des textes de poètes ou grands auteurs anglo-saxons et les met en musique. On y trouve du Shakespeare, du Shelley, du Byron ou du Tennyson… Il y a toujours un côté très « fantasy », mais je suis impressionné par la voix de la chanteuse, et par une orchestration qui met diablement bien en valeur les paroles.

Là c’est un magnifique poème d’Oscar Wilde : Dole of the King’s Daughter. Et c’est un peu ce que j’ai en tête juste là maintenant tout de suite. Alors voilà.

Seven stars in the still water,
And seven in the sky;
Seven sins on the Kings daughter,
Deep in her soul to lie.

Red roses are at her feet,
(Roses are red in her red-gold hair)
And O where her bosom and girdle meet
Red roses are hidden there.

Fair is the knight who lieth slain
Amid the rush and reed,
See the lean fishes that are fain
Upon dead men to feed.

Sweet is the page that lieth there,
(Cloth of gold is goodly prey,)
See the black ravens in the air,
Black, O black as the night are they.

What do they there so stark and dead?
(There is blood upon her hand)
Why are the lilies flecked with red?
(There is blood on the river sand.)

There are two that ride from the south and east,
And two from the north and west,
For the black raven a goodly feast,
For the Kings daughter rest.

There is one man who loves her true,
(Red, O red, is the stain of gore!)
He hath duggen a grave by the darksome yew,
(One grave will do for four.)

No moon in the still heaven,
In the black water none,
The sins on her soul are seven,
The sin upon his is one.

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